Saturday, May 20, 2017

Am I Ready To Travel Alone?

It's been awhile since I last wrote in this blog. I admit work has taken most of my time lately. Returning to full time job has its perks and disadvantages. A more stable income but less time. I am however grateful for everything that has happened this last 7 months.

During this last 7 months, I have done quite a bit of traveling. Mostly local places like Ipoh, Terengganu, Alor Setar and Melaka. I have also visited my friend in Palembang last April/ May. Will write a separate entry on that. Due to the nature of my work, more like my contract, I have been unable to take longer leaves and I had to cancel my Spain trip this coming June. Hopefully, Insha Allah I will be able to make it next year.

I have always all the time travel with someone, either with a group of friends/colleague or my sister, and I have always been surrounded with people in my trip. To be honest, those trips were great and memorable partly because those people were in it, but lately I have been yearning to travel alone.

I have been reading on so many female solo travelers and deep down I want to experience solo traveling too. I have traveled solo to Melbourne in 2015 but was then joined by my friends there, so it wasn't exactly solo traveling.

This time I feel like I want to do it all alone, more like I NEED to do it alone. I miss my alone time. I used to work independently and was most of the time working alone, but since working in an office atmosphere with others, I realized I rarely get an alone time for me, just me. I share a house with friends which makes alone time less likely.

It does feel good to go somewhere, where only I can determine where I want to visit, what I want to do and how many hours I get to spend in a place. I long to visit a museum for hours without having to rush reading any parts of history, sit on a beach just by myself and reading a storybook, catch a sunset and thinking of my future without any distractions and many more things.

And so when AirAsia had another round of promotions (they have every month though), I decided to diligently find a ticket. I was edgy that I had no concrete plans of where to visit for the second part of 2017. I initially wanted to follow a friend to Melbourne, more like Tasmania but since the tickets were rather expensive, I began to search through every destination that AirAsia flies to. Yes that was how diligent I was. 

I knew what dates I wanted to go and was going through all the places that I wanted to go (my bucket list) and finally stumbled on a very cheap air ticket to Acheh.

I did ask some of my friends on whether they wanted to join me for this trip. Some did not respond and none could make it. I, on the other hand was determined to make this trip no matter what. And as fate has it, I will be going ALONE!!

I am super excited. I was a little nervous but after some research on the culture, places to visit and being introduced to a tour guide, I really think I am going to be fine. I know for a fact that this country/place is Insha Allah pretty safe. I know the language and this is the country that I have visited the most in my entire life, besides Malaysia. This will be the 9th time so it does make sense to start here for my first solo traveling. I also cannot wait to learn about their Tsunami history and just embrace traveling alone.

So here is to solo traveling people!! 5 more months to go!
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