Friday, August 21, 2015

7 Reasons Why I Love Travelling

There are many reasons why people travel, some for work, some for continuing education, some go visiting relatives and many more reasons. But the most common reason for travelling is usually for leisure or as a vacation.

It really depends on each individual what are the reasons they go for travelling. Here are the top 7 reasons why I love travelling so much.

1. A Sense of Purpose

Travelling for me gives a sense of purpose. It makes me feel excited as I have something to look forward to in the future especially when it comes to planning for the trip itself. It also helps me to be more focus and hardworking with my work and savings as I know I have a trip to save up for.

2. To Appreciate the Creations of the Higher Power

As a spiritual person and a Muslim, I believe that this world is created by a Higher Power, the Al-Mighty. There are many spectacular views in other part of this world like those snow capped mountains in New Zealand that I get to observe only by travelling. And witnessing these majestic creations of the Al-Mighty makes me appreciate what I have and don't have back home and it humbles me.

3. To Learn Something New

There will always bound to be something new that you will learn in your travels, either the history of the place, the culture, the politics or just something that you will stumble upon in your travels. Like for me, I have learned so many new things about the politics of China during my trip to Beijing last April, this year. And that was only through my Chinese borned tour guide who had insights of the political scene from her father who works as a government official.

So hence, you will never know what new things that you might learn upon travelling, so do take up the chances now.

4. To Take Risks and Chances

Now tell me, don't we always look for some kind of adventure else where? Well, the best opportunities of an adventure is when you travel to other places. We kinda loosen up and just try to embrace the journey in the trip. Travelling also gives you a sense of bravery/risk taker like when you dare to do that nerve-wrecking bungy jump or even just by booking that airplane tickets with no idea of the things you want to do or with no prior savings. And yes that my dear, are taking risks and chances.

5. To Gain Experience and Wisdom

Travelling always changes you. It makes you wiser because of the things that you had to go through when you were travelling, some positive and some negative things. And those things that you had to go through are called experiences. Some people grow wiser and more matured after travelling. By experiencing or handling the things that you will normally not face back home, makes you realize how you have grown, over that particular experience like learning another new culture, or missing a train or a flight and you only had yourself to rely on. You'd be surprised at your own inner strength when facing challenges in your travels.

6. Bonding Friendships or Relationships

Most often than not, we travel with a family member, with a partner, or with a group of friends. Travelling together usually bonds us stronger than ever. That's because we share the same experience, and exhilaration over a certain trip. No matter how much you try to share it with others (who are not part of the trip), only those who have travelled with you in that particular trip will understand the ups and down of the trip.

7. Fun, Relaxation,Vacation, Self-Rewards

Most travelling that I do is for leisure. Even if I need to travel for work, I will make the most of the trip by visiting cool places in that area.

But most of the trips that I take are meant for me to have some tender loving care moments just for myself, either reading a book by the Krabi beach, having a therapeutic massage in Bali or just going shopping in Vietnam. Traveling is definitely something that I do as a self-reward especially after working so hard all year long and just to earn enough to save up for the trip.

Also travelling gives me a sense of happiness that is indescribable by words. It gives me joy, relaxation, fun especially when doing fun activites or just having great travelling buddies, and some winding down time for me. Travelling makes me switch off my constantly working brain into a holiday mode brain and boy, I can assure you that my brains definitely need a break from time to time.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KRABI 2014 - Part 2

Oh my, it was our second day already in Krabi. How quickly time flies. The girls and I decided it was such a beautiful day that we did not waste any minute by sleeping in at the hotel. We grabbed our towels and headed for the beach for the sunrise.

Hah, we were too late, sun was already rising. We decided to stay and enjoy the beach and the view anyway. It was a great feeling relaxing in the early morning accompanied by good friends, and the breeze. The beach was also deserted this early in the morning, empty of all the suntanners usually carelessly crowding the beach during the afternoon.

We spend around 1 to 2 hours lying, chatting about life, making plans and promising each other that we will continue to do these trips even if we turned 50. The power of girlfriends.

After a good 2 hours (I think) we headed back to the swimming pool. A friend continued swimming while I continued reading my Chicken Soup book by the poolside. It was finally beginning to feel like a real holiday.

In the evening we headed for another spa session. This time around we decided to try at another spa place which was far, far cheaper that the first one that we went to. Although, it lacks  a little privacy and the ambience of the first spa, we were each separated by thin curtains that really did nothing to conceal us, we were super duper satisfied with their service.

The Thai masseuse managed to make me let my guards down and pour out my stress through emotions and tears during our massage session. How amazing! I felt a million years lighter.

We ended our final night with a fantastic seafood dinner by the beach and a stroll on the beach on the way back to our hotel.

All in all, it was a very sweet and short vacation. We truly wished we had more time. Maybe next time.

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KRABI 2014 - PART 1

It was the time of the year again, the second half of the year when you feel so exhausted working so hard for the first half of the year, and your body was just yearning for some vacation.

So when a girlfriend informed me that Air Asia was having some promotions, and there were reasonable tickets to Krabi. I did not hesitate. So yeay we had Krabi to look forward to for our end of year vacation.

I cannot exactly remember what month the promotion was, and what month we bought the tickets, but financially I didn't really have time to save much.

So we went to Krabi on a pretty tight budget, the girls and me especially. However, since it was a vacation after all, we decided to enjoy our time as much as we can even if it means we had to be careful with our budget. We each brought extra food in case we ran out of money to eat out. Who wants to be hungry during a vacation right?

We arrived at Aonang Beach, greeted by the humid beach breeze, the blue sea and a throng of other vacationers. Many vacationers were mostly from Australia and of different parts of the world. Mostly Westerners. We were probably the few Asians around besides the locals.

We  quickly dropped our bags at the reception, checked in and headed for lunch. We were eager to start our day since we were only going to be there for a very short period of time, 3 days and 2 nights.

We strolled along the many Thai restaurants near our hotel while trying to locate for a Muslim restaurant and finally decided on one of the restaurants with some bamboo decorations. We were surprised that the waiters were fluent in Malay.

The Girls and I
After having a satisfying lunch, we continued strolling along the rows of shops, looking for a spa. Besides restaurants, vacationers can do some shopping there as well, book an Island Hopping package or just enjoy window shopping at the local shops.

Finally we found the spa that we have researched on FB prior to arriving. All giddy and excited, we each took the package of our preferences. The ambience was so welcoming. We had warm teas before our spa sessions began and a warm towel to wipe our faces with. 

I must say I was slightly dissappointed with the spa treatment as my body was aching so bad that night, plus the prices of the packages were a tee wee bit pricey.

Next we headed of course for the beach. What is going to Krabi without the beach ya?

Absolutely beautiful sunset at the Aonang Beach

After sunset we headed back to our hotel for the day. Had dinner in the hotel, spend time gossiping and watching movies. A fanstastic end to our first night in Krabi.

To be continued...
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Planning For A long Awaited Trip

It's August already, and soon we will be flying to New Zealand Insha Allah. Unbelievable how time flies so fast. 

My friends and I are scrambling to book our hotels now for the South Island. So relieved that we managed to book all the hotels in the North Island last week. Also so grateful for all the discount codes that I received from Digi and AirAsiaGo that have made our booking fees slightly cheaper.

I mean planning for an expensive and long trip like this makes every cent counts. So we are still in the midst of researching, reviewing and booking all these hotels. Glad, one of my friend from the trip, Julia has a credit card. It makes the booking process easier :)

I really never thought that I was able to make this trip a dream come true. But Allah's powers are magnificent. Always have faith and be positive.

The idea of flying to New Zealand came to me last year. I initially really wanted to perform umrah and go to Australia to work in gardens picking fruits for a month or at least 3 weeks, this year. But due to the strict visa policy imposed by the Saudi government of the ban against single women performing umrah without mahram left me with no choice but to alternatively plan another big trip this year.

Hence, that was when the idea of New Zealand came about. I thought the next best thing to do after not being able to perform umrah was to visit one of the most beautiful country in this world. Plus, my friend Nurul also informed me that she was migrating back to New Zealand after a few years staying in Malaysia.

I didn't have any idea who I was going with but I was determined to make this trip a reality one way or another. And on that one fateful day, while my friend Julia and I were catching up on our Beijing trip, she brought up the idea of New Zealand. I just looked at her with my mouth agape. Her bestfriend was studying there and leaving this year, And like everyone said, the plan between her and me was history.

We decided to invite another friend for the trip, my court gang, Aa.. and that makes the 3 of us in this trip excluding Julia's bestfriend who is already studying there.

So hence we have been planning for this trip since last year.  We have researched the places, we have studied the activities, we have planned our budgets, we have saved up money and bought flight tickets for months. It's so surreal to think that it is almost coming true now.

Well, I pray that we will have a wonderful and smooth trip, Insha Allah. We have a few more hotels to book, passport to renew, driving license to renew, visa to apply (since we are transiting in Gold Coast, Australia), traveling insurance to purchase, list of food to prepare and buy, luggage weight to add, and buy other essentials including toiletries and extra clothing, depending on the weather.

May all of this become a reality, amin.
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