Saturday, September 19, 2015

Traveling Dreams

It's not easy to convince people of my dreams of traveling.

Not many people understand that in order to grow sometimes you need to travel to the outside world.

God has created this world to be explored and not to just be there.

I always have a hard time explaining my dreams or my priority in traveling to certain people. Yes for me it is a priority in my life.

Some would say it is a waste of money, some would say it's a waste of time and many other negative connotations comes into mind when traveling is mentioned.

They may have their reasons and I have mine.

I am dedicated to traveling. I may travel occasionally, only when time and situations permit but I do try my hardest to make it happen.

First I choose a place I really want to visit for that year. Usually I plan a year ahead. I would invite any friends who are interested and together we will survey and monitor the prices of ticket flights.

Once we found the right price, immediately we will book/purchase the tickets.

And from there we work to make the trip a dream come true.

I must say I work really hard to achieve my targeted budget for certain trips and I work all year long to make it happen.

So when people blame me for spending all my hard earned money for traveling I do get a little upset at times.

But you can never satisfy anyone. Not everybody understands your need to see the world.

Not everybody understands that you want to hike the mountains in Nepal instead of buying that new LV handbag.

Not everybody gets your idea of spending money on an airflight ticket to Europe and not a brand new car.

Not everybody appreciates that you would rather spend money paying for your trip than wasting money on costly social activities like throwing a birthday party at expensive restaurants for your family or friends.

And not everybody will understand that seeing those snow capped mountains is more worth to invest for than a double storey house which will have you being in debt for the next 35 years of your life.

So let people say what they want to say. They have their idea of living and so do I. And mine is definitely traveling the world as much as I can.

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