Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Withdrawal Symptoms

It's been more than a week now after coming back from my 3 weeks holiday from New Zealand and Gold Coast, and I must say I am having a hard time adjusting back to life here in Malaysia.

Yeah, it was actually 20 days to be exact, including a few days of flights and airports. In all honesty, I was moping around and refused to leave the comfort of my bed for 6 days except on 2 occasions, one was a meeting and another was lunch with a friend. I know it's lame to give jetlag as an excuse when it was actually withdrawal symptoms kicking in.

But today, I've realized that I was going through a life changing process during these last 6 days. Somewhere along the way of my 3 weeks trip, I was altered and changed forever. It just took attending the court and going to work to make me realize, that it is time to act upon my life discoveries or forever be drown in misery like what I have allowed myself to feel whole of last week.

I was really lost last week. Felt like I somehow lost myself from this trip. Didn't know where to fit in, didn't find anything in my life worthy, finding my work and career stagnant and mundane, and looking at life in Malaysia as meaningless.

And then I truly realized what I needed to do in my life, and here I am just sharing that I am ready for my next adventure and looking forward to really catching my dreams.

This New Zealand trip has made me realize that I need to own up to my dreams, and start to run after  it.

Till the next post about the trip itself.. have a good week.

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