Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quiet Time Alone

I must say I have been pretty quiet these past few weeks. I am less interested of social media, and just trying to settle and finish all my cases as quickly as possible. I am also less in contact with friends currently.

July is a busy month for me, besides celebrating Eid for 4 days, I have been then working non-stop ever since. Although I may seem quiet on the internet, truth is I am running around, juggling between my legal work, social work and personal life.

All blessings to Allah, July has seen me taking another step further in my social work. I have been appointed as the officer, sitting together with the main council of an NGO that I am involved in. I really love to be part of that NGO where their mission is to help people for the sake of Allah. Under the same NGO, I am still assisting to run our refugee school Al Ansaar along with another 2-3 other school committees. I am humbly grateful for the trust they have entrusted me with.

July is also the month where we will have the 1st Regional Breastfeeding Week under BIB. Since the conference is only next week, working as part of the said organizing committee has left me quite busy as well.

I am also currently taking my time, thinking and strategizing my next steps in my future career. A few offers and opportunities have cropped up. I am still trying to pull my inner strength out. I know it is there somewhere.

I am currently in the process of convincing myself of the decisions that I am about to make or might have to make. It is not easy especially when it will be a drastic change in my life. Sometimes your dreams do not align with the expectation of others, and it will disappoint them but I have personally learned that I don't have to adhere to the expectation of others except for my mom and the Lord, because at the end of the day it is me living this life.

Hoping that this month will be the beginning of something new and special, Insha Allah.

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