Monday, January 23, 2017

The Handbag Story

Almost all woman I know loves handbags. From expensive ones to non expensive ones. I love them too. They are a part of my daily life, and it carries my essentials all in one go. I carry them and bring them everywhere. Sometimes I wear them like a pair of shoe, so worn out but yet unable to go anywhere without them.

I cannot remember the last time I bought an expensive handbag, which cost me more than RM350. It was probably in 2012, a Braun Buffel pink bag which I craved for months.

Recently a friend criticized me right before I started my current job on how I have lacked style and elegance lately. In other words, I was messy. It wasn't the words that hurt me the most. It was the lack of understanding of who I was and how my handbag represented me.

This friend criticized me of being a mess just because I was carrying a worn out 5AUD tote bag whose picture of Flinder Street Station on the bag was peeling off. Despite the paint fading off, I truly loved that bag.

So you see I hardly wear branded bags anymore not only because one I cannot afford it and second if I could afford it, it just does not represent who I am at that moment. Those worn out tote bags tell people of places I have been and visited, things I have seen, places where I do my social work (including dusty and non-hygienic areas), people I have met and who I am in a deeper level.

I don't need a Gucci or Prada bag to tell people that I excel at my work or that I have seen some of the nicest places on earth. Handbag doesn't portray my level of faith to God nor does it justify who I am as a human being or a person.

So let's stop judging people based on appearance and let's learn to understand the beauty of someone's heart and soul as beauty will eventually fade with time.

* Please note that I am currently wearing a refugee handmade bag which cost RM60. Despite it's cheap price I am proud that by purchasing this bag I am helping to make a difference in someone's life. If you want to support them, kindly check out their FB page : Mangtha

Please also take note that my opinion of using cheaper bags is a personal opinion. It is not meant to criticize the choices of other women, so please don't take offence by my entry.

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