Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KRABI 2014 - Part 2

Oh my, it was our second day already in Krabi. How quickly time flies. The girls and I decided it was such a beautiful day that we did not waste any minute by sleeping in at the hotel. We grabbed our towels and headed for the beach for the sunrise.

Hah, we were too late, sun was already rising. We decided to stay and enjoy the beach and the view anyway. It was a great feeling relaxing in the early morning accompanied by good friends, and the breeze. The beach was also deserted this early in the morning, empty of all the suntanners usually carelessly crowding the beach during the afternoon.

We spend around 1 to 2 hours lying, chatting about life, making plans and promising each other that we will continue to do these trips even if we turned 50. The power of girlfriends.

After a good 2 hours (I think) we headed back to the swimming pool. A friend continued swimming while I continued reading my Chicken Soup book by the poolside. It was finally beginning to feel like a real holiday.

In the evening we headed for another spa session. This time around we decided to try at another spa place which was far, far cheaper that the first one that we went to. Although, it lacks  a little privacy and the ambience of the first spa, we were each separated by thin curtains that really did nothing to conceal us, we were super duper satisfied with their service.

The Thai masseuse managed to make me let my guards down and pour out my stress through emotions and tears during our massage session. How amazing! I felt a million years lighter.

We ended our final night with a fantastic seafood dinner by the beach and a stroll on the beach on the way back to our hotel.

All in all, it was a very sweet and short vacation. We truly wished we had more time. Maybe next time.

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