Friday, August 21, 2015

7 Reasons Why I Love Travelling

There are many reasons why people travel, some for work, some for continuing education, some go visiting relatives and many more reasons. But the most common reason for travelling is usually for leisure or as a vacation.

It really depends on each individual what are the reasons they go for travelling. Here are the top 7 reasons why I love travelling so much.

1. A Sense of Purpose

Travelling for me gives a sense of purpose. It makes me feel excited as I have something to look forward to in the future especially when it comes to planning for the trip itself. It also helps me to be more focus and hardworking with my work and savings as I know I have a trip to save up for.

2. To Appreciate the Creations of the Higher Power

As a spiritual person and a Muslim, I believe that this world is created by a Higher Power, the Al-Mighty. There are many spectacular views in other part of this world like those snow capped mountains in New Zealand that I get to observe only by travelling. And witnessing these majestic creations of the Al-Mighty makes me appreciate what I have and don't have back home and it humbles me.

3. To Learn Something New

There will always bound to be something new that you will learn in your travels, either the history of the place, the culture, the politics or just something that you will stumble upon in your travels. Like for me, I have learned so many new things about the politics of China during my trip to Beijing last April, this year. And that was only through my Chinese borned tour guide who had insights of the political scene from her father who works as a government official.

So hence, you will never know what new things that you might learn upon travelling, so do take up the chances now.

4. To Take Risks and Chances

Now tell me, don't we always look for some kind of adventure else where? Well, the best opportunities of an adventure is when you travel to other places. We kinda loosen up and just try to embrace the journey in the trip. Travelling also gives you a sense of bravery/risk taker like when you dare to do that nerve-wrecking bungy jump or even just by booking that airplane tickets with no idea of the things you want to do or with no prior savings. And yes that my dear, are taking risks and chances.

5. To Gain Experience and Wisdom

Travelling always changes you. It makes you wiser because of the things that you had to go through when you were travelling, some positive and some negative things. And those things that you had to go through are called experiences. Some people grow wiser and more matured after travelling. By experiencing or handling the things that you will normally not face back home, makes you realize how you have grown, over that particular experience like learning another new culture, or missing a train or a flight and you only had yourself to rely on. You'd be surprised at your own inner strength when facing challenges in your travels.

6. Bonding Friendships or Relationships

Most often than not, we travel with a family member, with a partner, or with a group of friends. Travelling together usually bonds us stronger than ever. That's because we share the same experience, and exhilaration over a certain trip. No matter how much you try to share it with others (who are not part of the trip), only those who have travelled with you in that particular trip will understand the ups and down of the trip.

7. Fun, Relaxation,Vacation, Self-Rewards

Most travelling that I do is for leisure. Even if I need to travel for work, I will make the most of the trip by visiting cool places in that area.

But most of the trips that I take are meant for me to have some tender loving care moments just for myself, either reading a book by the Krabi beach, having a therapeutic massage in Bali or just going shopping in Vietnam. Traveling is definitely something that I do as a self-reward especially after working so hard all year long and just to earn enough to save up for the trip.

Also travelling gives me a sense of happiness that is indescribable by words. It gives me joy, relaxation, fun especially when doing fun activites or just having great travelling buddies, and some winding down time for me. Travelling makes me switch off my constantly working brain into a holiday mode brain and boy, I can assure you that my brains definitely need a break from time to time.

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