Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KRABI 2014 - PART 1

It was the time of the year again, the second half of the year when you feel so exhausted working so hard for the first half of the year, and your body was just yearning for some vacation.

So when a girlfriend informed me that Air Asia was having some promotions, and there were reasonable tickets to Krabi. I did not hesitate. So yeay we had Krabi to look forward to for our end of year vacation.

I cannot exactly remember what month the promotion was, and what month we bought the tickets, but financially I didn't really have time to save much.

So we went to Krabi on a pretty tight budget, the girls and me especially. However, since it was a vacation after all, we decided to enjoy our time as much as we can even if it means we had to be careful with our budget. We each brought extra food in case we ran out of money to eat out. Who wants to be hungry during a vacation right?

We arrived at Aonang Beach, greeted by the humid beach breeze, the blue sea and a throng of other vacationers. Many vacationers were mostly from Australia and of different parts of the world. Mostly Westerners. We were probably the few Asians around besides the locals.

We  quickly dropped our bags at the reception, checked in and headed for lunch. We were eager to start our day since we were only going to be there for a very short period of time, 3 days and 2 nights.

We strolled along the many Thai restaurants near our hotel while trying to locate for a Muslim restaurant and finally decided on one of the restaurants with some bamboo decorations. We were surprised that the waiters were fluent in Malay.

The Girls and I
After having a satisfying lunch, we continued strolling along the rows of shops, looking for a spa. Besides restaurants, vacationers can do some shopping there as well, book an Island Hopping package or just enjoy window shopping at the local shops.

Finally we found the spa that we have researched on FB prior to arriving. All giddy and excited, we each took the package of our preferences. The ambience was so welcoming. We had warm teas before our spa sessions began and a warm towel to wipe our faces with. 

I must say I was slightly dissappointed with the spa treatment as my body was aching so bad that night, plus the prices of the packages were a tee wee bit pricey.

Next we headed of course for the beach. What is going to Krabi without the beach ya?

Absolutely beautiful sunset at the Aonang Beach

After sunset we headed back to our hotel for the day. Had dinner in the hotel, spend time gossiping and watching movies. A fanstastic end to our first night in Krabi.

To be continued...

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